Confirmed: Joe Jonas will solo album!

Confirmed: Joe Jonas will solo album!

Speaking exclusively to JJJ, Joe Jonas has confirmed it is working on a solo album.


"Yes, there is nothing to hide," said the handsome singer of 20 years of age, while promoting Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam in New York.

"We're just waiting for the right time. There are lots of things about the Jonas continues this year, so once we have a place for this record, we will release it. You will hear much more of our new songs" ... And for Latin America and Spain, obviously the first DTB!

"Happy to know that Joe Jonas have a solo album? Very happy (super), not so much because it seems to me that is approaching the end of Jonas as banda (regular), No (below).
Justin Bieber: "I am a great kisser" xD

Justin Bieber: "I am a great kisser" xD

Justin Bieber spoke with Johnjay & Rich on how good he is kissing. Justin said always know the right time to give them: "For example, if you are driving and decide to make a short stop at the rest area Wal-Mart.'d be the best! I'm good, I'm a great kisser."
justin bieber kisser

The host then praised Justin for his "pretty lips. " Would you like to kiss Jus Bieber?: It would be a dream come true (super), would give him a kiss just to see if it's a great kisser (regular), all (below).
Miley Cyrus Jewelry Line are toxic? Top Photos

Miley Cyrus Jewelry Line are toxic? Top Photos

Taking advantage of late to do something pleasurable, Miley Cyrus was seen in the Robeks Juice in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday (May 19).

Looking somewhat sleepy, the singer of "Party in the USA"came out of the juice bar with delicious smoothie in hand. And the name of Miss Cyrus has been spotted these days, as reports claim that Miley jewelry line is toxic due to high amounts of toxic metals found in the line of bracelets and necklaces. However, Wal-Mart, which sells exclusively online, has yet to clean inventory and states that the pieces are toxic only if they are "sucked, chewed, or swallowed. "




The Jonas Brothers are friends with their Fans / all your photos, images

The Jonas Brothers are friends with their Fans / all your photos, images

Preparing to spend a busy summer, the Jonas Brothers were spotted leaving their hotel in New York on Wednesday (May 19).


With Kevin, Nick and Joe, all side by side, the trio was greeted by a crowd of fans who anxiously waited for them kindly posed for some pictures and signed autographs before proceeding with the agenda of the day.

And while they are eager to begin his tour on July 27 in Dallas, Nick spoke to Billboard about the plans he and his brothers for a new album.

"In regard to the forthcoming album of the Jonas Brothers, I think we're working on something that will simply sound like we're taking our time and trying to do something big, no matter what it sounds, " he said.

Nick added, "We hope that 2011 is the deadline, but we're not sure yet, and we have no hurry. We are writing a lot of songs, but we have no rush to release an album in a period of time. "

Demi Lovato in the Big Apple / Stock PHOTOS

Demi Lovato in the Big Apple / Stock PHOTOS

Forgetting for a moment from his duties, Demi Lovato was spotted in downtown New York City on Wednesday (May 19).


Dressed in a sexy outfit rock style, the charming star of Disney was protected by his bodyguards as he headed to an event with Red Bull in one hand and phone in the other.

Last night, Miss Lovato attended a performance of "In the Heights"and could greet Corbin Bleu, Olga Merediz, and the rest of the cast at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

The day before, Demi was spotted in New York City promoting his upcoming movie "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. "

Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed" en Vivo / Video

Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed" en Vivo / Video

Miley Cyrus interpreta en vivo su más reciente hit "Can't Be Tamed" en "Dancing with the Stars".

La performance de Miss Cyrus te pareció: Muy buena/me encantó (súper), aceptable (regular), malísima (siguiente).
Justin Bieber on "Valentine's Day: New Year's Eve?!

Justin Bieber on "Valentine's Day: New Year's Eve?!

Justin Bieber could be the star of 'New Year's Eve', the sequel to the movie "Valentine. "


Director Garry Marshall is trying to get Justin in the cast of the film. He told MTV: "I heard them referred to Justin Bieber. I have no idea who he is, but I'm sure we will. I have a script. I did a rewrite. We're rewriting it now. "

The veteran director also gave a preview of what will be the sequel: "It means that we will shoot in New York in September. is supposed to be a similar casting in the number of actors. It was written for it, but I hope that everyone is new, except that Hector Elizondo has to be in all my films. So he will play someone who does not recognize. "

"Happy to see Justin Bieber on screen?
Nick Jonas with no girlfriend in the World Tour!

Nick Jonas with no girlfriend in the World Tour!

Zap2it Nick Jonas asked if carried their girls with them, as will his brother Joe with his girlfriend Demi Lovato.


Nick laughed and said "There is no girl for me." For his part, Kevin said, "my wife will join us on the road and will be great."

Do you think Nicole should be with Nick Anderson in the tour? No, she has nothing to do in the Tour (Super), If it really is Nick's girlfriend, should be with him on tour (regular), Yes, both have to be together (below)
JONAS L.A, New Season, New House!

JONAS L.A, New Season, New House!

The Jonas Brothers are in Los Angeles filming the second season of his series JONAS LA, and invited all of MySpace fans to watch the series to premiere on Disney Channel soon.


We're having fun on the set of JONAS LA! We would like you all are here with us. Helicopter rides, spending time on the beach, parties and new members in the cast - it's great! THE JONAS coming in June so be sure to see it!

Playing all day every day! That is the summary of the new season on Disney Channel Jonas We have an incredible scenario - swimming pool, games room, guest house, and a spectacular view of Hollywood!

Check out our new summer home. "