Ended their relationship because Joe Jonas and Ashley Ashley Greene?

12:31 PM Publicado por Jhon Lenin

Fresh news about the breakup of Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Ashley and theirrelationship, as we are sure that this has surprised more than one, as they appeared to be the happiest couple of times.

Indeed, for months we've seen pictures of Joe and Ashley seemed to be madly in love, even to talk about weddings and the star of "Twilight" will become the next Mrs. Jonas.

However, according to the statements of their REPRESENTATIVES and seeing that the two are as if nothing had happened, lead us to the conclusion that their relationship was never as serious as it appeared to be. This leads us to believe that fans were misled all this time both Joe and Ashley.

But let's start from the beginning, and remember that both said they were just friends, butgradually we realized there was something more than friendship in the relationship. The outputs holding hands, the flirtations, and the long-awaited kiss came faster thanexpected.

But if your relationship was not as intense as these two want us to believe, then whyboasted so much, even on the same side of Demi Lovato? Do not you think that bothfans and Demi Lovato deserve an apology for it? Did not realize these two with their love, and ONLY REAL TAN were hurting a girl with problems, and still in love with yourex?

We do not know which is the reason why Joe Jonas is not hard with their partners. Is thetime and space? We have not yet heard what Miss Greene has to say about it, but we allknow that Joe's ex have not kept a good opinion of him after breaking up with him. Doeshistory repeat itself again?

We do not hate Joe, we have always supported, but we love to change as if change hispolerasólo help you lose more fans, and remember that the Jonas Brothers are havingthe best time right now.

This is our view and we know that each of you has their own, so you might also read the comments.
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