Miley Cyrus, precious Billboard / Photo Cover

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Miley Cyrus has a giant "on the cover of Billboard magazine.


The pop star, 17 years old, spoke with the magazine about her new music video, Gleeand not pop music.

On their music video "Can not Be Tamed": Before the video will premiere Cyrus toldBillboard, "You will die when you see the cage in the video because it's so amazing. I have about 30 dancers there, a tree and a nest. literally out of control. I will definitely be doing more things like that. "

On his own musical tastes: "I never listen to pop music, which is really odd for someonewho makes music like this. The Miley's 13 years old, had been beaten for 17 years,because it would be like," If you are a complete success! "But this is not true. What I do is not dance music to say, 'Oh, I'm in the club and everyone is watching me." Means something. I'm not sitting here trying to sell glitz and glamor... because no one lives that life. Many of the songs [pop] are super shallow, but my songs are not. "

On his inspirations: "With anything, the clothes I wear or how I want to look, not glide.Even with the video ['Can not Be Tamed'] I had the treatment, but beyond that, it was thecome. We had recorded all the choreography is well organized, not wanting to seemfalse ending and very polished. Everything in life has to come naturally or feel like you'refresh. "

The Glee: "Honestly, the music? just could not. What if it were real life and were walkingdown the street of Rodeo Drive and suddenly burst into a song about how much I loveshoes? (Laughter) It would get many hits on YouTube. "

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