Justin Bieber impersonator Peruvian

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Justin Bieber Avilez Alejandro is a tramp!

His dream was to see and greet their idol in person, but for Alexander Avilez - the young Peruvian who became famous imitation of Justin Bieber - 17 October was the worst day of his life.

The Lima, who became known for his strong resemblance to Canadian Idol, wrote on his Facebook Biebs flatly refused to receive it, and worst of all, the caring people who treated him, his mother and sister child as "mongrels."

"Wau Justin Bieber concert. The great day to meet you, see, touch, be at least close to it. Well, I tell you that if so DO NOT want to imitate or be like a person who is a dirty," he wrote in his first lines Alexander, who supported all this time the singer of "Baby".

"You ask why?, Others say I'm a fool for saying that, but the truth is that made us feel like true stray dogs, had no respect even to my mother. They mourn my sister and after we learn that 'JB' I did not want to see us, we wanted to throw into the street like dogs (could not). All to meet a 'teen idol'.

You have not had any respect for our country and for us, if so, I'm ashamed to have called me 'El Peruano Justin Bieber', from Alexander Avilez only today. Bieber Nothing, nothing of things with him. "

Facebook Comments in favor and against, but what do you think of this?

Do you think Justin Bieber is a true bum? Yes (Super), No (regular), No idea, I'm no fan (next)

The Peruvian Justin Bieber

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