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Kept Secrets of the Stars Disney

An employee, who claims to have rubbed shoulders with the most famous teenagers time has come to reveal the best kept secrets of the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

Through a internet forum, the New Yorker did not reveal his name to keep his job of 19 years old, still more secrets revealed with the passage of days.

On Miley Cyrus: "Despite apparently being a 'good girl', is smoking marijuana at a young age and began to drink alcohol."

About Demi Lovato: "His addiction to cocaine was the worst kept secret in Disney. Everyone knew, but chose to drop it into the world of drug addiction while distracting the press with Miley Cyrus scandals."

Jonas Brothers on "This is the trio of 'fucking massive arms." Apparently, they let the success go up too quickly to the head. "

About Zac Efron: 'A type' very professional '. "

About Selena Gomez: "It's a good girl. There is nothing particularly scandalous about it. It is very thin in person and more silly and a little less reserved than it appears in interviews."

About Justin Bieber: "It's a bum. It is a 'brat' who thinks the world is at your feet. Moreover, once beat a team member in the stomach and said 'Chup ** and the .. .. '"

They say that not everything that glitters is gold, but how true is this?


1. I think absolutely everything (Super)
2. There must be some truth in all this (regular)
3. Do not believe anything (next)
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