Nick Jonas supports One Direction

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Nick Jonas supports One Direction

Nick Jonas was interviewed by Teen Vogue and here what the cuerito had to tell.

About what comes in his career: "I've been writing a lot last year, for other artists and myself. For the most part, my mind is that a great song is a great song, whether or not something I do hold on for a while or until they release it with my brothers and myself. "

Jonas Brothers on the reunion: "I'm definitely looking forward to the next project of the Jonas Brothers, and I think that will arrive before you do something on my own. In fact, we talked about it for the first time recently, and I'm very excited about the next chapter for us, musically. It's obviously important that want to reach our goals and aspirations as a people, but when it comes time to meet, we will put in place and we are happy for that. "

On the new boy bands: "I think Europe has lagged behind in this area. The U.S. is taking in the European mind. There is a band called The Wanted which is really fantastic. I love his music, when I was there, in March or April this year, I saw your videos and I said 'these guys are great. "As for One Direction, the Mindless Behavior and all the other bands, support throughout, and had an opportunity to work with them That would be great. At the end of the day, I love pop music forever. There is something to say about a pop song. It's great to see that people are in it. "

On his favorite show on television: "I love television, but all the shows that I end up being canceled. I loved Heroes, but it was canceled. I loved Flash Forward, and was canceled. I loved this program, which was done seven or eight years, called Jack and Bobby. I loved Jack and Bobby, were so good, and then canceled. I try not to cling more to them, because I know what happens next. Of the programs at this time, I'd say Modern Family is the one I like and it would be nice to be part of it somehow. "

On resolution of their New Year "in 2010 I made a resolution to stop drinking Coca-Cola Light and I have not drunk a single drop since. I think it was the best life change I've done, because he drank a lot of Diet Coke . In terms of new resolutions, I think I'll stick with my Diet Coke. "

Would you like Nick, One Direction do something together?

1. I love (super)
2. I love both, but do not join (regular)
3. No. One Direction is in full fame and Nick Jonas is history (next)
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