Photos of Joe Jonas sexy in Vanity Magazine

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Joe Jonas sexy in Vanity Magazine

In his most recent visit to Spain, Joe Jonas spoke with the magazine Vanity on his challenge of being a soloist, but with poor results so far, his admiration for Kanye West and Tiësto and madness of the fans.

Your first solo album sounds like you want?
Yes, absolutely. It's like a dream come true. After making music for so long, still have the support of your fans is incredible.

Ever wanted to make a record more urban, more dance?
It's music that inspires me. I've always been very interested in hip-hop and dance.

Is there anyone you would like to work that is not on the album?
I would have had Kanye West or a DJ like Tiesto. I admire a lot.

Is it true you were in the studio with Frankmusik?
Yes, long ago. It was cool. But do not use any song in the project, at the end.

So it was not so cool.
Yes it was, but did not sound exactly the direction I needed, but it was very helpful for the project. Perhaps one day use.

How long have you dreaming of starting to use alone?
From a year ago. I did not want to get too pressure me or my brothers. I wanted to let go.

Just a year?
What I've been working on it.

How they took your brothers?
Okay. Very supportive.

How often do you see your brother lately? They live in different places, so less than I would.

Is costing Would you be taken seriously as an artist for more?
My fans have grown with me. They are adults and they take me seriously.

So now you're an artist for people 20 years? The album is not aimed at any particular age. I wanted to create something they could listen to children and adults and I think I succeeded.

Do you ever feel trapped in your role as child artist?
I never felt trapped. I always felt I had a great opportunity to make music that other people have not had. I've always been very supportive and allowed me to be creative.

You really have always been exactly where you wanted to be? Of course.

Have you ever felt that Disney was I asking too much?
No. I have always fully supported. From the TV show, Camp Rock. It helped us to reach a large base of fans.

That is clear. But once you became famous, did not began to ask more? What do you mean?
Exactly what you just asked.
In my career I can say no and point to where I could handle. I had the reins.

Have you felt overprotected?
No. Having the opportunity to write from the heart what you want to have the support of promotion for the songs is what everyone wants.

For example, how many people travel with you? It depends. With my brothers a lot. Me only 4 or 5.

Why do you think you're especially popular in Spain?
I guess because I have taken the time to come and interact with fans.

What is the funniest thing that ever happened here?
Once, in a mall, we had a meeting with fans. Came about sixty thousand. It was crazy. There were people everywhere.

What was fun?
We had to run away. The police told us we could not get to say hello because it was too dangerous. So I ran to the car escaped with fans chasing, and the car would not start ... It was one thing after another. He believed that this type of situation happened to you constantly. Running in front of the fans. That occasion was particularly savage. Always tell it everywhere.

Travel a lot. Did you always know what country you wake up?
No. I wake up and sometimes I have no idea where I am.

And when you go to sleep?
It's the same problem. Especially in Europe, which in an hour by plane you can travel to another country. In the United States is not.

Ever a fan you really got on your nerves?
Not really. Sometimes trying to sneak into the hotel and so crazy, but I think that while you respect, they respect you.

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