Justin Bieber's son is like him? - PHOTOS

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Photos: Tristyn, the supposed son of Justin Bieber

So far she had preferred to stay away from the press, but now Mariah Yeater gave an interview to explain why you are saying that Justin Bieber is the father of her child.

The woman, 20 years old, said he met with the cuerito of "Never Say Never" backstage at their concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in October 2010.

Miss Yeater said, "I immediately fell in love with me. He asked if we could go somewhere and be alone."

Once they reached a private bathroom, Mariah said: "His attitude changed completely ... He went from being nice and warm ... to be more aggressive."

When asked about his opinion by saying that his charge is not credible, Yeater said: "I presented the evidence to my lawyers. They will do the rest."

The young Californian of 20 years, says that the resemblance between the boyfriend of Selena Gomez and her son is amazing. "Look, look at her mouth," he told The Daily Star Sunday. "Does it sound familiar? Pray that Justin will see these photos, look Tristyn and your heart tells you this is his son. The nightmare continues for all of us if he keeps denying it. I just want what is right for our son. I feel terrible the way we were abandoned and none of my calls were answered Justin. "

However, Mariah has revealed that two men accused of being the father Tristyn before pointing to Justin. She first said it was her ex-boyfriend John Terranova before saying it was a secret lover named Steve.

John, who lives in Las Vegas, said last night that he does not think Justin are the father or baby Mariah. "She just wants money," he told the Sunday Mirror. "He came here to California and told me she was pregnant. I said, 'This is impossible, you've been in California two months and came back here just one week.' She said, 'No, before I got pregnant.' But no made sense because I had a doctor's note saying he did not have the corresponding months of pregnancy to make that possible. "

It seems that Mariah Yeater going very seriously, because their lawyers have requested DNA testing is completed as soon as possible, although she could go to prison for having sex with a minor.

Who do you think?

1. Justin (Super)
2. Mariah (regular)
3. I am totally confused, I do not know who to believe (next)

Photos of the child - baby Justin Bieber

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